Thursday, June 23, 2005

AtHomeDaddy's Toy Chop Shop

One of our favorite things about our neighborhood is the nearby park. It is a city park with a couple of playscapes and hiking trails. Nothing fancy in the amenities. But the neighbors make it pretty special.

One reason is the giant toy collection. Lots of toys live at the park. Everyone has brought toys that their kids no longer use. Sand buckets and trucks, shovels and riding toys are all there for the kids to play with. Keeps us from having to drag toys to the park all of the time and since they are "everyone's toys" it sometimes keeps the kids from feeling too possessive.

This morning we were at the park and I was doing my rounds as the un-official toy inspector. If a toy is broken into so many pieces that it can't possibly be played with anymore, or if it is dangerous, then it takes it's final trip, to the park trash can.

There are two identical riding cars at the park. One had the top roof pulled off, but it still worked fine. Except for the metal rod sticking out if it's side, where the roof was attached. The other car has had broken wheels for a while. During The Princess' naptime, the boy and I set about chopping the first car into pieces. Notice the rod, sticking out by the door, right at toddler's eye level?

Then we swapped for the broken parts on the other car, to make one good riding toy. It won't be as much fun as having both cars, but hopefully no one will put their eye out on this one.

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