Monday, May 28, 2007

7 Things Meme

Ginger tagged me a while back. I decided then to respond, but I just needed a little time to think this one over...

So the following are 7 things that happened to me (or because of me) when I was a teenager (about a million years ago):

7. I was voted something like the 'Most likely to replace David Letterman' by my senior high school class. As far as I can tell, it was only because I wore some nice new white tennis shoes with my Prom tux. Tails and Kaepas. Now THAT was a fashion statement. No you will not see pictures.

6. The closest I ever came to being a cool kid was when I got a 69 VW Bug. It was a nice looking car and VWs were really cool in my high school. At least the fixed up ones were. Mine was bone stock and probably the least cool one on the student parking lot. But I kept it clean.

5. It was not until I was a senior that I had my own bedroom. Sort of. My sister went away to college. Bro commuted from home to college, so I took over Sis's room.

4. Right out of high school I attended 2 years of junior college. Then I moved and went to another year of junior college. Then I moved a few more times before I enrolled at a university. The grand total of class hours I accrued during 6 full-time semesters in junior college? 31. Which is about how most full-time students get in 2 semesters.

By the way, I graduated from college 8 years after high school AND I went full time for all but 3 semesters in that time. I just wanted to throw that out there to see my momma cry. Again.

I had a huge crush on the high school special education teacher. She was real purty and she drove a cool 2 seater hard top convertible. My senior year I was a teacher's helper for one of the computer class teachers, whose office was right next door to Ms. D's room. I spent all the time I was supposed to be helping the computer teacher peeking through the window at the object of my teen affection.

And I got an 'A' for helping the computer teacher that semester.

2. I was 17 when I went to volunteer for a few weeks at a camp for kids who had Muscular Dystrophy. I returned to the camp for 6 summers. I even managed to get paid for the last couple of years!

1. My second year at the camp I met a girl who I don't remember meeting. I think I may have been flirting with a girl that she was talking to. But I know we met, because she reminds me each time the subject comes up... However I DO remember meeting her the next year. And then I married her when I was 25.

So you wanna answer? Go for it.

Post up and leave a comment over here so I can take a peek and be reminded how lame my teen years really were.


Ginger said...

Such an exciting teenage life you had!

AtHomeDaddy said...

Yeah, no.

Not a lot of excitement during those years. I was in the DRAMA club, for goodness sakes.

Love Bears All Things said...

G tagged me for this one also. You can go see what all I accomplished at my blog.

Susan Godfrey said...

I think if my brother and I got together and discussed it, we could come up with 1 or 2 more items for you list. LOL!

Mike said...


I am sure you are right. But a good boy needs to kep some secrets.

And so do I!