Monday, May 28, 2007

That's one big bean!

It rained for most of the 4 days that we were gone. Which means that I was up to my ears in lettuce and green beans when I ran out to the garden this evening. I brought in at least a pound of beans and the last of my leaf lettuce.

There are still some assorted leafy greens growing, but our days of fresh garden salads are at an end for this season. The greens that are left we will probably mix in with store bought lettuce and salads.

The cucumber vines and watermelon vines loved the rain. The whole garden is covered with cuke and melon vines now. Pictures tomorrow.

If it isn't raining.

And if you notice, I measured my bean with a 50ft tape measure. I have high hopes for a record green bean this year! Either that or the kids have hidden all of my other tape measures.

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