Monday, May 21, 2007

The hunt is on

Saturday, after out last soccer game for the season, we all went to see Shrek the Third. Wait for it on video, OK?

Anyways, on the way to the theater, we passed two MINI Coopers sitting on at the used lot of the Lexus dealership. One, a 2006 red convertible. The other was a bright yellow hardtop with a panoramic sunroof that covers most of the roof area. The wife test drove the red drop top and declared it to be the car for her. After sitting on it for a while she is now thinking about waiting a year and buying new.

I tried to be a helpful husband, so I compared some online prices and I talked to our insurance company. I learned that the Lexus lot where these cars reside is not too far out of line on prices. Both of those cars are supercharged, S models. So they resale for a nice chunk over base MINIs.

In the price hunt I came across an 06 VW convertible sitting at the VW lot down the street with 3000 miles on it. I tried a final push to get the wife interested in that car. So far she has held firm on waiting another 18 months and getting into a MINI.

For the record, the kids were not wild about the convertible. The Talker thought it was too windy and loud. It wasn't. We were able to talk on our test drive and have the radio on softly and still hear the kids. And my hair wasn't blowing at all. The Princess just fell asleep.

I have loved the old MINI Coopers for years. And I declared my intention to have one when they came back out. And my first car was a 69 Beetle. But I always NEEDED it to be a convertible.

A few years ago I really was pushing for a MINI Cooper but the convertible was scheduled for release. And now The Boss Lady is madly in love with her next new car. Yeah for me!

I mean her. Yeah for her!


Darren said...

I've ALWAYS wanted a convertible too. When I finally get around to getting one, everyone will think it's a midlife crisis.

Angel said...

I wanted a convertible too! That's why I got one and LOOOOOVVVVEEE it. Good luck in the car hunt! So the boss lady didn't like the VW? Too bad.

Mike said...

I don't think she dislikes the VW. I am not sure she has ever been in a new one. But the MINI was an instant attraction like I have never seen with this woman.

Surely it was just exactly NOT how she reacted when she first saw me.

Ginger said...

Very funny about your hair not blowing! At least you are looking at convertibles with a back seat. Maybe it is the 'red' mini that has her hooked.