Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Splashdown in the neighborhood

The weather was perfect yesterday. So the kids and I pulled out the inflatable pool and set up our mini water park. It is amazing how much fun these guys can have with a splash pool, two My Little Ponies, two Star Wars dudes and a mini trampoline!

The mosquitoes have taken over the backyard. We have retreated from there until I can get the yard mowed tonight. Yesterday we were not hidden away in our fortress of solitude behind the privacy fence, but the kids were splashing around in the front yard, for all the neighborhood to see. It was so much fun in the morning that we headed back out there after nap. Another hour and a half of throwing water and jumping on the trampoline. Big wet fun!

I had great plans for all of that splash time. I was going to wash the car and work on the truck. I got neither done. Instead I had fun watching as the neighbors drove past, checking out my little wild kids and wishing for a chance to play in the the little front yard water park.

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Angel said...

Sounds like fun!

The end of this month we'll be opening our above ground pool. I can't wait. We practically live in it during the summer. Too bad I can't have a blogger pool party.