Friday, May 11, 2007

Garden Tour

The veggie garden is growing great! This is my first year of going totally organic, and I am pleased with the results. The bugs are leaving enough for us to eat a little bit, too.

Besides the stuff pictured, we have some sweet basil, oregano, rosemary, lots of onions and carrots. We should be eating well all summer.

This morning's harvest. A couple of small tomatoes, 4 small
snow peas and a salad for two.

This is also my first year to try potatoes. They are looking good. I pulled one plant up to thin out the crop and they are already growing little potatoes.

I built this trellis for the beans and peas. But really, the entire garden fence is one big trellis. The cucumbers will be hanging off of it soon. The cukes were the only casualties in our late freeze, so I started new ones a couple of weeks ago.

In the middle of the garden you might see our watermelons starting to grow.

No matter that I expanded the garden plot by about 10%, there is still never enough space, the herbs and peppers were sent to the patio to live. Dill, sage, cilantro and parsley are all growing in a couple of large pots. I have never combined plants into one container, so we shall see how it works out.


jen said...

These pictures are awesome! Congrats on the great garden! Can't wait to hear how the potatos and watermelon come out!

Leighton @ My Best Investments said...

Yep, that's some good lookin' stuff. Fresh, home-grown veggies are a real treat. We don't have a garden, but we usually wind up with some veggies each year - tomatoes, squash, cucumbers. Good stuff.

Angel said...

Excellent looking crop! Good for you! I hope you enjoy a ton of delicious items from your garden!

I was excited today because my strawberry plants are growing like crazy. I already have some berries developing and for up here that's quick.

Love Bears All Things said...

Is gardening new for you or did you grow up with gardens like I did. I can't believe you have ripe tomatoes already. Ours will be another month or more.