Monday, May 21, 2007

It's nice to be close, but not TOO close, you know.

The Boss Lady needs to attend a funeral an hour and a half from my parents this afternoon. So we all piled into the car at 8:30 last night and made the drive up to The Queen Mother's house. We did not get here until 11:30 last night. Amazing things you can do with kids when you have a DVD player running in the back seat.

The kids and I are hanging out here all day and The Boss Lady will swing by and pick us up when she is done with the memorial service. The kids are having a blast on their a spontaneous Mama visit.

In other news, after the last of the credit cards were canceled and the REI and Costco membership cards were replaced, my wallet turned up. In the wife's gym bag. Where else would it have been, right?


jen said...

No way! I can't believe about the cards. Well at least if someone had stolen your identity, they're totally screwed now right?

Mike said...

I sorta wish someone would steal my identity. I am kind of bored with it right now!

Love Bears All Things said...

Someone is playing hide and seek with you.