Thursday, May 03, 2007

Am I really this interesting?

So I was checking up on you guys through my Stat Counter account. And I have to say the reasons people come by are pretty amusing.

Here is a list of keywords that people searched on Google and ended up over here:

  • baloney and car paint
  • repair broken patio umbrella rib
  • rounding a corner while building a retaining wall
  • Ritalin ingredients
  • children chicken-pox indoor pools
  • sombrero cupcakes
  • swing set crossbar
  • ugly kids segregation
  • baby fever at night
  • Spiderman b
Of course, I guess now that I have posted the list, my list of weird hits will probably grow. So bring on the home made Ritalin makers. I can teach them to make sombrero cupcakes and show them how to use baloney to paint their cars.

Because obviously I am that good, thank you very much.


Terry said...

Where do you find the list of searches.... ????

Working Gal said...

don't let your kids see the Ugly Kids Segregation - they might get a complex about it!

Of course you are baloney car paint interesting!

Mike said...


I use I run it sometimes just to see how often poeple are looking at the blogs. But they have other features listed, like keyword searches, too.