Sunday, May 06, 2007

Anybody want some rain?

It rained a little bit last night. And the night before. It rained during our soccer game on Saturday, and I think it rained three days in a row last week. It looks like it is about to rain again tonight.

The kids have pretty well gone through the DVD collection in the last few weeks. And we have hit every restaurant in town with an indoor play scape. Heck, we even played tag and hide-and-go-seek in The Olive Garden. Have you seen how big their waiting area is?

I even drug the kids to the Saturn dealership the other day to wait for an oil change, simply because I knew they have some toys and a play area there. Two hour wait? No problem. We will be at the toys. And for some odd reason, they got us out in a hurry. Funny how kids trashing the sales floor will speed up the oil change techs.

Another few days of rain and I going to start pulling the siding off of the house and building my ark. After all, I already have the two wild monkeys on hand.

So anyways, here is to another exciting rainy week. If you need us, we will be watching Sharkboy and Lavagirl.


And Again.


Will said...

We could use it here. Middle of a drought and I'm getting burned every time I step out the door.

Angel said...

Hey.... are you sure you didn't move to PA? Because it's unusual for us to go 3 days without rain up here. grrr. But today is sunny and warm and tomorrow is the same. Now if the darn salesman would cough up the convertible I'd be smiling like a cheshire cat. LOL

Hang in there, I'm sure the sun will break through!

jen said...

Good luck with the weather. Oddly, it's been sunny here in NJ for days. I'm quite shocked! I know the weather is holding out so it can storm on my moving day! LOL

Mike said...

It did not rain last night! Or this morning! So we went to Costco and the grocery store!

So we wasted a non-raining morning. But we were starving to death, I swear!

Leighton @ My Best Investments said...

We fought the rain over the weekend, too. Wound up taking the rugrats to the local hands-on kids museum on Saturday, where they got to play with EVERY OTHER CHILD FROM THE SURROUNDING METRO AREA. Apparently we weren't the only ones in town who were a little stir crazy.

Hope things are clearing up so you guys can get back outside!

Terry said...

It always rains the day after I wash my car....