Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Musical tracks ahead

We made another trip to our favorite park this morning. Train ride, play scape, swings, migraine and all that good stuff. Nothing like a screaming pack of 4th grade field trippers to make me glad to only have two kids (and one headache) to deal with.

Yeah! for a bumpy train ride when your brain feels like it is about to burst!

There was a huge highlight this morning. I wish I had my camera with me. There is a guy who often sits beside the jogging trail and plays guitar and harmonica for all who pass by. When the train passed his spot, he stood beside the track and played for the kids. Never said a word, but all of the kids on the train were thrilled.

When we got on the train, the kids wanted to be the caboose. So we rode on the last bench. And that turned out to be a great choice.

The Talker and The Princess turned and waved and clapped as long as they could see the music man. And while they were looking back at him, he stood there, playing. I bet he was there for two minutes, playing an impromptu concert just for my kids. Long after they quit hearing the music over the train noise, the kids waved goodbye and they turned their attention back to our ride.

When we were loading up in the car, The Talker asked me to play guitar and harmonica for him at home. Now I own a guitar. I also have several harmonicas. But I can't play either instrument worth a damn. And I sure can't do both at the same time. So I guess the kids will have to wait for our next train ride for that much talent.


Angel said...

But for the headache it sounds like a nice day. Your post on my blog made it sound even nicer, holding hands? Soooo sweet.

And what do you mean you can't play both? Chop chop daddy and while your at it dig out those knee cymbols. hee hee.

Mike said...

Knee symbols. That I could do. Unless you want someone who can keep the beat, then I am a no go, there too.

Terry said...

You could always crank up Marge and let her drowned out the "music"