Wednesday, May 30, 2007

There goes the neighborhood

A few minutes ago The Talker started telling me about his future. "When I'm an adult, I'll pack up my favorite toys and take them with me to share with my daughter, my son and my wife."

I asked him where they would live. "I don't know. It hasn't been built yet. Or I might live where my friend used to live. Or maybe I can live where she lives now."

Which means that the boy might decide to live 2 houses down and across the street or he might be in Istanbul, Turkey. Maybe we should show the boy some other nice neighborhoods around town.

Just in case your 4-6 year old daughter is planning for her future, I snapped this picture of my someday daughter in law's house from our driveway.

And here is a picture of Istanbul to compare. Of course, I took this one from Wikipedia, not our driveway...

Turkey looks nice and I am sure we would visit but I am pretty sure The Boss Lady and I would rather The Talker and his brood live across the street rather than halfway around the world.

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