Tuesday, May 15, 2007

More questions than Happy Birthdays

The oddest piece of mail just arrived. A birthday card. From Toys R Us. For our dog.

Who died. More than 2 years ago.

These are some of the things I wonder about this card:

Who sold my dead dog's contact info?
Why no card for his twin brother, Bill? He is dead, too.
Why is the card almost a month late? Ben's birthday was March 23.
How come he never got a card for any of his other birthdays?
What kind of dead dog toys do they keep in stock?
And is the $3 coupon transferable? To say a kid?

Or at least to a dog who is still alive?


Darren said...

I'd mark it DECEASED and send it back just to play with their heads. Or call and interrogate them about what kind of cruel joke they think they're playing by sending a birthday card to a dead dog.

Anonymous said...

I'm laughing my butt off on this one. Oh, dear-- how funny that you received this now. And your questions are so logical. Yet, I doubt that you'll ever get sensible answers to your questions. What a good laugh.

Anonymous said...

I like Darren's response. Send it back -- or better yet, take it to the store, in person.

Anonymous said...

I just had a realization that I should not share, but that's never stopped me...That's the wife's birthday too!