Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The best laid cables...

I have been trying to decide what to do with the kids today. We have been going to the Children's Museum a lot lately. It is too cold and rainy for a park. We did the YMCA kid's program yesterday. The mall? Our best option, so far.

I walked into The Talker's bedroom and I heard someone out in our front yard. Sure enough, the cable company has sent some guys out to finish the work they started on February 7. Here is a follow up post about the adventure.

Since it has taken this long to get a response from the cable company, I guess we are sitting at home to make sure they get the job done without trashing the backyard.


jen said...

That's a good call, Mike. If the cable company was possibly going to trash my backyard, I'd stay home too. Hope you guys have a fun day!

Anonymous said...

They just showed up without notice? Amazingly presumptious company you've got there!

I'd watch 'em like a hawk and not let them scurry away until the job was finished.

Terry said...

According to your darker side, they are still 2 weeks late..

But hey, at least they finally showed!!