Saturday, April 14, 2007

Lying groundhog

So I thought the groundhog said winter was almost over. He lied.

It is about 50 here today, but there is a 30 mph wind blowing that is making it feel much colder. I am ready for REAL spring weather to get here. Heck, at this point I would even take the hot and dry of mid-summer.

The Talker had a soccer game this morning and we had team pictures before. Standing around the soccer field for an extra half hour would not have been so bad if we had not already been to an outdoor carnival at the YMCA. By the time we got home we are all pretty well beat up by the wind.

The Princess was the smartest of us all. She sat in her folding chair, wrapped in a blanket for almost the entire time we were at the soccer field. Now that we are home the kids and wife are napping and I am heading for the couch to study the inside of my eyelids. While I nap maybe I'll dream about hunting down that lying groundhog.


Terry said...

So the groundhog lied to us... Did we really think he was gonna tell us straight when he knew what we wanted to hear..

I bet he is off on a tropical vacation, laughing his arse off right now..

Angel said...

My son's soccer game was Sunday and it was in the 30's. Brrr on the bottom in the chairs we had.

We found out THAT day that this upcoming Saturday are his soccer AND baseball photos. We will be in Florida. Perfect. Sonsabiotches.

That ground hog... grrrr... if I see him I've got a OSST minivan with his face plastered on it. That's the LAST time I believe a ground hog! Fool me once, shame on you, fool me every freakin' year... shame on me.