Sunday, April 15, 2007

Spring is here. Don't blink.

The weather turned out gorgeous today. And we made good use of a beautiful afternoon.

Yesterday was a pretty day, but there was a 20+ mile per hour wind that just would not stop. So it ended up being a nice day to be inside, looking out a window.

Making up for lost time, The Talker and I headed outside as soon as lunch was over. I wanted to work on the truck, he wanted to avoid nap time that was about to be enforced by The Boss Lady. So we compromised.

He ran around in the front yard with the neighbor kids while I adjusted the front brakes. When I needed a helper to hold down the brake pedal, The Talker would come right over and sit behind the wheel of the truck for a while. He did a great job.

One unintended consequence of our afternoon repairs, the neighbor boys were incredibly jealous that The Talker got to help work on the truck. It was pretty amusing to watch.

The rest of the family went back to church this evening. I was heading up there a little later but the nice weather stopped me in my tracks. Instead I ended up washing the truck and working in the yard. So if God gets mad at me for skipping church tonight, I'll offer Him a ride in my nice, shiny truck. And maybe the neighbor kids will be jealous of that, too.

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Anonymous said...

God will adore the ride in your clean truck. He doesn't get out much of Sunday nights!! :-)