Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A seasoned traveler speaks

Our neighbors are moving to Turkey. The wife grew up in Turkey and the husband works all over the middle east and eastern Europe. He seldom gets to come home and see his family. So they are moving closer to her parents.

I heard that the neighbor was in town for a couple of days after being gone for 6 months or more. So I stopped by last night to say "Hi and Bye". While we were chatting he was cleaning his car and his 4 year old daughter was riding her tricycle in the driveway.

At this point in her life she has spent almost as much time living in Turkey as here and she was telling me all about the move. Then she started listing off all of the countries she has been to.

England, France, Egypt, Turkey, Kuwait, Bahrain, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Japan... The list just did not seem to have an end. I was flabbergasted that a 4 year old has traveled this much.

But then she spoke the truest words ever spoken by a world traveling 4 year old.

"My favorite country to travel to is.... TEXAS!"


Working Gal said...

So CUTE! Hey, Texas is a country in its own mind. Yee Haw!

Mike said...

Texas. It's like a whole other country.

Terry said...

I remember when we were moving to the great Country of Texas many many many moons ago... I called up into the floor board of the Pinto, so I could be the first one in the state.....