Wednesday, April 25, 2007

When I die...

just kick me underneath the laundry pile. There surely is enough over there to hide a dead body.

And if I get any fatter? Well there are five loads left to run though the washer and dryer. And that DOES NOT count the four loads I put away already this morning. But when the boy complains about having no clothes to wear, and his dresser is actually empty, it is time to fold.

Man, I hate folding laundry. Which explains why there are 6 loads waiting to be folded on the couch. But The Mother of the Bride will be here Thursday or Friday, so I am cleaning and folding today.

I am currently trying to decide if it is possible to play on the PS2 and fold clothes at the same time. You know, fold something. Play a little. Pause the game and repeat the cycle. After all, Madden 07 football (which I happen to RULE!) gives you like 40 seconds to call each offensive play. Surely I can fold a pair of the boy's drawers in 35 seconds and still run a tight offense, right?

Man I hate laundry. Why didn't we raise a herd of nudists?

Edit: 1 hour and 10 minutes later,

I have now uncovered the couch. Nope, I did not start a laundry fire. I sorted the unfolded clothes into piles depending on where the clothes are supposed to end up. Then I folded the kid's clothes. Now we are just covering the love seat.

And one more complaint. I need to hide the dryer knobs from the wife. Drying seems to be taking too long today. Finally I checked the temp setting and sure enough, she had turned off the nuclear heat that I depend on.

All to save her wimpy little gentle cycle loving work clothes from getting fried. Bah. Everyone knows well-done polyester is the mark of a successful woman. Sure. That shows all the otter chicks that your loving hubby is at home cooking your dress suits for you. So there.

Ladies, keep your hands off of my knobs.


Anonymous said...

Hey, remember the nudist 3-year old we used to have next door? Poor Rainy. It was pretty funny when she told a friend, "I know a place where we can swing nekkid?" I wonder if she ever learned to eat more than baby food.---CBH

jen said...

LOL I can sympathize with the dread of folding laudry. Though, I can also sympathize with The Boss Lady not wanting her clothes cook! Ha! Nice post, Mike. Good luck on Madden!

Rick said...

That looks like _one_ load to me.

Haven't you figured out you only need to sort the clothes when the wife is home. The rest of the time you just stuff as many in the washer as will fit, reds, whites, silk, cotton, blends, what ever.

And detergent is optional.

Finally because you now only have one load now, you can just leave it in the drier. No more folding. Pull out what you need and when your done with it throw it back in the washer. Except the dirty under-roos which your wife will find later stuck to the ceiling.

Ginger said...

Obviously the 4 of you have either wear too many clothes or you procrastinate too long to do the laundry. We usually do only 7-8 loads per week and this includes towels. Or maybe your loads are too small. I sometimes forget to turn off the "extra rinse" cycle after I do towels causing Rick to add several hours to his Saturday laundry. He has yet to figure it out.

Angel said...

I folded a pile half that height on my bed last night AFTER WORK... I guess hubby thought I was making a cotton sculpture of me at rest. *sigh* I had to laugh at the 'don't touch my knobs' statement, I'm not touching that but I have

Love Bears All Things said...

If you fold the load you take out of the dryer while it is still warm, it is easier and less wrinkles. I limit the clothes that need to be folded to one basket. Have to do it before I wash more. Of course with just us two adults, most of our clothes are the hang up variety. That means I set the timer for 15 to 20 minutes, take them out damp and hang over the laundry pair to finish drying.