Monday, April 09, 2007

Busy Easter Weekend

The Boss Lady was off of work on Friday. So she and the kids spent all day playing and doing stuff that I hid from. Instead I spent the day in the yard, and catching up on old projects.

After I finally finished a drawer repair for Other Dad that I started, and then forgot, about 6 months ago, I stalked every bit of crab grass I could find in my yard and proceeded to execute it as painfully as possible. No weed killers here. I just pulled 'em up by the roots and threw them out in the street. There they whither and die as a warning to their comrades who remain.

I spent several hours helping a neighbor out in his yard, too. He brought in a huge mulcher and was grinding up lots of trash trees he had removed from his yard. No way was I going to miss the destruction that a mulcher that big could do. I must have been good at loading the machine since I still have all my fingers and we pretty well cleared the yard of downed trees.

After working with the neighbor I spent a while trying to aerate my front yard. I did not want to rent the right tool, so I used a garden fork and just kept jamming it into the grass. I was going to do the whole yard, but I wore out and only got the parts of my yard that needed it the most. After putting a million holes ion my yard, my shoulders were screaming. I was going to fertilize but it rained before I could get it spread out.

We finished off Friday with a quick trip to the YMCA and I sat in the hot tub for the entire time we were there. Who needs a workout when there is yard work to be done?

Saturday I was determined to let The Boss Lady sleep late. But at 7:16 she was awake and moving. So I did the responsible thing. I went back to bed while the blankets were still warm. I am sure some other stuff happened Saturday, but that was surely the highpoint of the day.

Sunday we went to church. Usually the kids go to their own classes and we go to service, but we heard there were no Sunday School classes yesterday. So the kids went to service with us. They behaved better than any other kids in the place. Which means that they were the ONLY kids in the sanctuary! As we were leaving we noticed that all of the kids classes were still going, the church had just cancelled the adult classes!?!? Whatever. The kids actually did very well during the service.

We came home and ate like kings, thanks to The Boss Lady cooking a great meal while I helped out by napping on the couch. Hey, I stayed out of her way. That is help, right? Afterwards the kids hunted Easter eggs in the front yard because it was too dang cold for this bunny to hide them before church.

After naps we headed down to the neighbor's house for an egg hunt with several families. Law Talking Guy and I spent about 10 minute hiding eggs, the kids spent about ten seconds finding them. But it was cold and the kids had started eating all of the candy, so we did not hide them a second time.

We got back home and I got the truck ready for a ride that I have promised The Talker all weekend. Uncle Lemon and crew were coming over for dinner, so we would have plenty of time for rides for everyone. Once they got here we skipped a third egg hunt and we played with 4 dozen cascarones, or at least the ones that the dog did not try to eat. The Talker was the smartest of all, he wore his batting helmet so no eggs would hurt his head. Unlike years past, everyone escaped with their teeth intact. By the time we finished playing, it was too cold for a truck ride. We skipped that fun and everyone crashed from all the fun we packed into a three day weekend.

Since it is cold again today the kids and I are off to Chuck E. Cheese's pizza this morning. And I suspect that The Boss Lady is glad to get some rest at work today.

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