Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Wake me when winter ends

OK, it is official. I am sick of cold weather.

Not that I have ever been a big fan. But dang, enough is enough. It is 45 degrees and raining again today. Another day stuck inside. Bah.

Yesterday we had some friends over for about an hour. Plus we ran to Costco and we hit Chuck E. Cheese pizza. All to avoid the weather. Today we will likely hit the mall and the YMCA.

We could pull out the power tools and see what happens out in the garage. Or we might just sit around and watch TV. Thank god for having 5 channels dedicated to kid's programming.

So now I am wondering what do you guys do when you have to deal with REAL winter? How do you keep your kids busy days on end when you are stuck inside?

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Love Bears All Things said...

I see no comments on this one. Mike, I am catching up on your site again.
Did you know that Easter Sunday in Huntsville(I was visitin) it was 28 degrees when we went to church.