Monday, April 09, 2007

She couldn't make it without me

The Boss Lady is a menace on society. And she is lucky that I am around to keep her out of trouble.

We swapped cars this morning, so that she could more easily deliver some stuff to her office. Plus one of her tires loses air every time the temperature changes and I wanted to make sure it was OK after sitting all weekend through the hot/cold/freezing/cool temperatures that we saw. It was no big deal since the kids and I were only hanging out at Chuck E.'s this morning.

It was really odd that I noticed 4 or 5 police officer patrolling traffic this morning. We hardly ever see any out here. I guess they were stalking us because as I was walking out of the pizza joint I noticed that The Boss Lady's car was 4 months overdue on the state safety/emissions inspection. So we detoured by the neighborhood shop to get that taken care of. Luckily we got there BEFORE a police officer saw us in our overdue-mobile.

We were doubly lucky that they don't charge a fine for being past due. Nor do they back date the new sticker. She effectively gets a few free months every year this way.

So if you are a brazen scofflaw like The Boss Lady you just drive on the annual sticker as long as you can. Eventually your hubs will give up on dodging the fuzz and he will get the safety inspection taken care of. And if your super stud husband is a stay at home dad, you'll be paying for it.

In more ways than one.


jen said...

LOL that's really funny! In NJ, the police are nuts over catching you were overdue stickers. I don't think anyone really forgets to get the car inspected here. My dad starts telling us 6 months in advance! (Paranoid much?)

Angel said...

Man I freak out if I get too close to the over due date. I renew it on line and get a temporary print out. Sure I usually wait until the last day but I haven't been over due as of yet. And I take care of all of the car stuff. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

I like how this woman thinks. Seems to me that she has everything under control. How funny.