Monday, April 02, 2007

These are a few of my favorite things...

libraries that think mommies change all the diapers, cable television companies that take three months to complete a work order and a severe lack of Dr Pepper in my system.

We are going for the trifecta this morning. To start, I now have made a full week and 1 day Dr Pepper free. If the pounds will now please leave, we will all be happier. And I can quit saying things like "I would stab someone in the right eye for a Dr Pepper, right now." Which was the bulk of our familial conversation yesterday afternoon.

The cable company stopped by to finish the job they started on February 7. You can read more about that over on my bitch and whine post on ADHDaddy. What a huge surprise that they could not finish the job today. They sent a guy with a pickup truck and a shovel.

Turns out they need a crew of guys, several trucks and some tool that might keep them from tearing up my yard. Instead of letting the guy dig an 80 foot trench through my back yard, they should be able to pull the new cable through a conduit that is already in the ground. At least the guy they sent today was nice. That kept me from wanting to kick his ass. Hopefully we will wait another month, but they won't have to dig up my yard.

Now we are off to check out the new library. And woe be unto any librarian in my path if there be no diaper changing station in the men's room. The Princess is stinky and we are saving it for the front desk. You can read more about that over here, from a couple of weeks ago.

Edit: 2 hours later

We just got back from the library. It is a nice space. The new children's librarian is awesome. The kids had a great time.

And because I know you are concerned for the health and well-being of all the dads out here, YES, they did install a diaper deck. I suspect we were the first to use it, too, since there were a couple of tools laying inside of it when I unfolded it. A four and a half year battle ends with a victory. Life is good.

Even if that damn cable is still laying in my grass.


jen said...

Congrats on the 8th Dr. Pepper free day, and of course, the changing table! What a victory that was! Boyfriend's on his 17th day without a cigarette. Pepsi's the next thing, hopefully to start in August.

Angel said...

I've heard of roid rage but lack of dr pepper rage? Shall I call the cable company and warn them? Yeah on the diaper changing station. In college oh god...over 12 years ago, we designers always always put diaper changing stations in the mens room on our drawings but I can't speak for architects. Woo hoo to small victories!

AtHomeDaddy said...

DP withdrawl rage.

I like it. I think I'll use it to my advantage. And maybe the courts will allow it as my defense when I go off on the cable company.

Yeeeeeee Haw for small victories!

By the way, The Princess was too big for the diaper deck. Can you you say time to potty train? But we still managed to use it anyways!

Terry said...

Congrats on your success at the Library!!

No DPs?? Not even one..? Even I am not that dedicated... I love my little 8 oz cans!!

Mike said...

None. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

Sometimes I surprise myself.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that the library did the right thing by you. I'm not surprised that the cable company didn't do the right thing by you. And as for this no Dr. Pepper idea, are you sure it's the right thing for you to do? You always seem to like it so much-- or is that the prob? Too much of a good thing?

Mike said...

Too much of a good thing?

Ding Ding, we have a winner.

OK, honestly Dr Pepper isn't the problem. The extra 20 pounds I have packed on this past year are a problem.

So the gallons a day of DP have to go.

Angel said...

I'm trying to give up my love for sweetened iced tea (doctors orders) and I had to wean myself off of it. I am now drinking water. Gag. LOL

Mike said...

Yep it is all water and a little bit of Kool-Aid now. Though I think I only filled my cup with Kool-Aid once today.

Water sucks.

Ginger said...

Congratuations on the library victory!

I gave up Spite/Sierra Mist in October when I started dieting. I miss them. But I wasn't giving up caffeine, too. Give yourself a break, Mike.