Saturday, April 21, 2007

A tough way to save $8

Yesterday the kids and I ran to Best Buy to pick up a memory card for the new PlayStation 2 that has quickly become a beloved family member. After all, the PS2 and The Princess both like to stay awake all night. And like Talker, the PS2 really digs video games. That is evident by the stack of games that have already taken over one corner of the entertainment cabinet.

But I feel old. And stupid. Because I am not yet in touch with my inner video game addict.

You see, while we were accessorizing the PS2 I saw a Simpson's video game for $10. Like the genius who first combined pizza and beer, I saw a brilliant flash of light and heard heavenly angels. Combining two great things, The Simpson's AND video games? The world is now a perfect place. Well done PS2 child of mine.

Back to the stupid.
So I get home rip open the package and then, AND ONLY THEN, so I read the box. D'oh. Nintendo Game Cube? Who the heck sold me a Nintendo Game Cube game and let me tear apart the packaging? What a moron.

Best Buy return trip? Not worth the hassle. Some dumb ass opened the game and they won't take it back. The might exchange it but only for the identical game. Could I get the same game for my PS2? No one seems to know the answer to that great mystery.

So this evening I headed over to the used DVD and video game exchange store. I traded my one and only, never even played Game Cube game and $12 for a barely used, only played on Sunday afternoons, after church, by a little old lady copy of Madden 07. Which I almost bought new last night for $30. Let someone else pay the depreciation I say. Those video games start to lose value as soon as you drive 'em off the lot.

In the end, the football game cost my lovely wife $22 plus tax and a quarter gallon of gas. So I saved her $8 on my football game and I stayed out of her hair for several hours this afternoon while she took a nap. In the end, I bet she thinks it is a pretty good trade, too.

By the way, The Houston Texas wooped up on the Colts twice tonight. And my thumbs hurt.


Will said...

While not a Sony fan in anyway, any system is a gift from the great pregnant nun when the little one can't barely sleep and you need a way to stay awake. Add to that the ability to take your frustration out on unsuspecting 12 year olds online and you have a best new family member.

Angel said...

So tell me, could you have exchanged it for the same one but it would be unopened. THEN take a new trip back stating you had purchased the game for the wrong system and THEN get your money back? I'm just wonderin'?

Mike said...

See, Angel. See what happens. If you had been here with your great ideas, I would have not had nearly as much hassle. Don't know if it would have worked, but it might have.

When I find the guy who opened that game, I am going to hit him upside the head.

Mike said...

That, or I'll just read the dang box next time.