Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Boss Lady

So last night turned out a little different than I hoped. We were going to hang out at the ball park and celebrate The Boss Lady's birthday one night early. Instead, we witnessed a scary moment for one little girl and her family. So we skipped out early and missed the end of the 8-1 loss.

I planned to clean the house top to bottom today. But after that excitement I did not get to sleep until after 4 this morning. SO the house was a complete disaster for The Boss Lady when she walked in from work. Happy Friggin' Birthday, baby.

We went out for dinner tonight and the kids and I gave her some 8X10 photo enlargements from our Disney trip for her office.

I don't know what other stay at home parents do for spouse birthday presents, but it is always hard for me to find something for The Boss Lady on the cheap. I mean really. She is just paying for her own present anyways, so she might as well save us all some hassle and pick up something nice on one of her long lunch hour shopping sprees.


Idaho Dad said...

I get my wife things that she wants but won't buy for herself, like a new video camera, a spa gift certificate, and a bicycle.

She's terrible at buying things for me, so I usually get to buy my own gifts too!

Ginger said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. AtHomeDaddy! Do you guys shop at Amazon? Have her do a wish list. But honestly any thoughtful gift from hubby will always be welcome.

Terry said...

Happy Birthday Boss Lady!!!!

Mike, I am sure she appreciates the thoughfulness of what you try to do for her... The photos were a great idea!!

Angel said...

Happy Birthday to the Boss Lady!

The photos are awesome!

What hubby does for me is he tries to remember one small thing I mentioned that I didn't get for myself and surprise me that he remembered. It doesn't have to be big but it is awesome that he remembers.

I hope it was a great day!

Mike said...

Well, she said it was a great birthday. So I guess I can put off the gift shopping agin until Sept.

All of you give good advice, but Angel, remembering had never been my strong suit.

Terry said...

Well now Mike, you could always do like Rick and leave subliminal messages in your blog.. tag it B-day and refer back to it when gift shopping time draws near... Hopefully you would be able to decipher the code...

Love Bears All Things said...

Happy late Birthday wish to your wife. It doesn't matter, Mike, who is paying for the gifts. It's all about the thoughtful husband who remembered. Flowers at her office would be a great choice. And as for whose money it is, take it from a long time stay at home mom, it is OUR MONEY, no matter who earns it. Think of all you do that someone else would have to be paid to do.