Monday, April 30, 2007

The big day

Tuesday morning the kids and I go to the neighborhood school to get The Talker registered for Kindergarten. He is excited as he can be. Me? I am just a little anxious. I don't want him to end up in a class taught by some evil old cow. They have a long questionnaire to try to place kids in the most appropriate classes. So I am hoping that I let them know enough about the boy that we avoid the one kindergarten teacher all of our neighbors seem to dislike.

We were there this morning for story time and a campus tour. The boy was in love with the fact that he made a new friend who shares his first name. He has never met another boy with the same name. Yeah, great choice, mom and dad. Tell me about it, OK.

And my impression of the school? That place is a freaking tinderbox. There is so much paper hanging from the walls and ceilings that it is a good thing there is no smoking on campus. I hope they have a good sprinkler system. I did not really notice anything else. I was too busy gawking at all of the combustibles taped and tacked to the walls, floors and ceiling.

Every. Damn. Hallway. Was decorated like another scene from the ocean. Including a kelp forest hanging from the ceiling and butcher paper whales and eels overhead. I hope they have a paper company as a campus donor. Otherwise I can guess where our arts and crafts budget will be going.

So in a few hours I'll be the proud parent of a fully registered kindergartener. And it looks like soon he will be able to help wall paper the kitchen in a couple of years!


jen said...

Ha! That's true about all the paper everywhere in schools. When I was a teacher, I always thought we did that because the building was so ugly and we didn't really want people to know. So we tried to cover it up! I remember my first day of kindergarten. My neighbor (who lived next to the school) screamed his head off the entire first morning. We all thought he was nuts, since he could see his house out the window. Strange. Anyway, exciting time for the Talker. Snack time rocks!

Ginger said...

Another child named, "The Talker", wow! LOL. I hope he gets the good teacher and loves school. I can't imagine a Kindergarten teacher that is not well liked. They are usually the most fun an energetic teachers on the staff. B has really loved her teacher this year.

Terry said...

Sounds like you are just anticipating him spreading his wings... It will be okay, children leave the nest eventually.I promise Mike, you will get thru this!!