Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Dads gone wild

I am heading out to Dad's Night Out, a once a month gathering of SAHDs without kids and with drinks. Lots of drinks.

I haven't been out to one of these DNO gatherings in a while. I tried a while back, but that is the night that Marge got hit in the butt end and beat up a Ford Taurus.

Anyways, I am hoping they will serve me something stronger than the water or blueberry juice I have been guzzling lately (more about that later...) I wonder what a bottle of Jack Daniels and a straw goes for these days.


Anonymous said...

lol. Better take some money for cab fare home if you go that route!

Mike said...

Great advice but no cab ride needed. I was so tired and such a non-partier that I was home by 9:15.

Good times!