Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Baseball Night

The boy and I went to a baseball game last night. The Boss Lady had to work late, so she took the girl with her. We left really early for the ball game, so that we could play on the playscape in the outfield.

The Express have really figured out how to get families to the ball park. They have a pool, sand volleyball courts, a basketball courts, a huge playscape and several bouncers and a rock climbing wall - all in the outfield - so families can keep the kids entertained during the game.

The Talker does fine during the game, as long as we go find Spike, at some point during the game. Last night was even better, though, because he made a haul. The Talker got Spike's autograph on his ball glove. He got to hang out with Uncle Lemon. He got a foul ball (from batting practice, but it was still a REAL baseball)! And eventually, he got a gimme baseball, too!

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