Thursday, April 07, 2005

I Once Hated the Time Change

But The Princess is still asleep, and The Talker has only been up for 35 minutes! Gotta love those legislative geniuses that gave us Day Light Savings Time!

The kids both had doctor's appointments yesterday. Once they FINALLY woke up, we rushed around getting dressed and out of the house. The Talker evidently has really big tonsils. And they only get bigger until the kid is 7 or 8. If they stay in that long. We shall see.

And the doc's advice about the boy's raspy voice? "Try not to let him talk loud, or yell" He is getting nodules on his vocal cords because he is always whooping and hollering when he plays. Keeping him quiet? Not a chance. Not even if we gagged him and kept a pillowcase over his head.

And The Princess? She got her one year shots. Plus one shot that we missed because of a urinary tract infection, at nine-months. Handled them like a queen! She cried for less than 30 seconds. And her moron daddy had left the pacifier at home.

She napped on the way home, so we went to the neighborhood park. Lots of kids and moms out there, so The Princess got lots of sympathy for her three band-aids on her legs.

The Boss Lady has gotten to come home from work early the last couple of days. So she has had time to play with the kids outside, before dark. Makes life gooder for all of us. Especially since it is not dark until about 10 minutes before bedtime, right now.

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