Monday, April 11, 2005

Do You Know the Difference Between 350 Degrees and 450?

Yes, technically the answer is 100 degrees. But in AtHomeDaddy Land, the answer might as well be, burned brownies.

I was trying to bake some brownies for The Boss Lady's birthday dinner. While I was feeding The Princess AND cooking The Talker's lunch. And two out of three ain't bad, right? I got the kids fed and down for nap. And then I noticed the smell.

Brownies burn very well in a convection oven. Especially if you accidentally add 100 degrees to the temperature setting on the oven. Dang, and I was being SO smart. I remembered to take off some bake time, since I was using the convection system.

If only I had read the directions closer. Or at all. Then The Boss Lady would have brownies tonight for her birthday dinner. Now I guess it'll be Ritz crackers with strawberry icing on top. Just like last year. That makes it a tradition, right?

Happy Birthday, Boss Lady. Hopefully the kitchen won't still stink when you get home.

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Anonymous said...

ahh, nothing like the smell of burnt sugar to brighten up a day (unless it's the smell of burnt rice, which has somehow carbonized in a way that the molecules of the burnt rice meld with the molecules of the pan so that the pan can never be cleaned -- not that i know about this from personal experience or anything...)

Anyway, Happy Birthday to the Boss Lady! Just think, if she could have waited a few days you'd have been able to kill two birthday parties with one cake (or ritz cracker)!