Friday, April 08, 2005

The Weekend is Near

This morning started a little early for The Boss Lady. At 3 am The Princess was running a fever. Since she is teething, just had shots, and is prone to urinary tract infections, The Boss Lady called our Pediatrician. This morning, we all headed down to The Pediatrician's office. The Talker and I skipped out on the fun and went to the park across the street. We chased ducks. We climbed trees. We played on the playscape. We won this morning.

They? The girls got to sit in the waiting room, waiting to get a 'sample' so they could test for another urinary tract infection. No urinary tract infection!

And no, I still have not folded the clothes. Yes, the pile is getting bigger, and yes I had to shove a lot of clothes out of the way so I could sit down on the couch. And yes, I dressed the children right out of the pile this morning. But that just means fewer clothes to fold tonight, right?


Anonymous said...

Just think, someday they'll be able to dress themselves right out of the pile, just like my kids do!

Mike said...

Oh man, that'll be a grea day in this house!