Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Payoff Pitch

The AtHomeTrio went on their own road trip last night. We went to the ballpark and finally got to see a winning effort. The Princess had fun, but she wanted nothing of sitting in my lap. She only wanted to sit in her own seat, on top of the diaper bag. The Talker was his usual self, entertaining the crown with his dancing and cheering. At one point he got bored with his sister and me, so he went and sat down beside the people in front of us. He even stayed down there after he turned and told the guy "Your not Uncle Lemon."

We left in the 6th inning, which might explain the win. But, we were there long enough to see Danny Klassen hit a Grand Slam Homerun! The first I have ever seen. The Talker was dancing in the aisle.

So now, AtHomeDaddy's record for the season stands at 1-3. The team's season record, 3-4. And the big payoff of the night? Keep the kids up to 9:45 and The Talker sleeps until 8. The Princess? Dunno? Still asleep and it is now, 8:45! I'd rather have that than a grand slam, any day!

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