Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Trading Spaces

Running the vacuum can be a very time consuming chore around here. Yesterday, I wanted to clean the kids bedrooms a little, so I recruited some helpers, The Talker and The Princess, and we got to work.

Since the ultimate goal was to get the carpets clean, we needed to move the furniture. Since we were moving everything around, I decided to try something the The Boss Lady and I have discussed for a while.

The Talker and The Princess are now sharing a bedroom. We are doing this on a trial basis. Depending on how they nap and sleep at night, we might not be able to keep the rooms set up like this. Yesterday, at naptime, it did not look promising. But last night they slept like angels.

The bonus is that now we can get some of the toys out of the living room, since the kids have a play room set-up in what was The Talker's bedroom. I was hopeful that all of the toys would fit in there, but the room is small, so for now, the train table remains in the living room. Maybe someday Paige Davis will come by and help me get that out of the living room, too.

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Anonymous said...

If you can manage to contain all the kids' toys in one room I will be enormously impressed! Somehow despite all of our best efforts, the toys manage to migrate to every space in the house, as if by some force of magnetism or something.

And as for vacuuming, it's hazardous around here. I'm not sure if the Talker has accumulated the billion teeny pieces of lego, knex and all those other wonderful things yet, but I can never vacuum without at least a couple of those pieces being sucked up into the vacuum and making horrible sounds that sound like the vacuum cleaner is choking on them. Despite our best efforts to pick them all up first, there's no way you can go without missing a few of them.

Our kids shared a bedroom for quite a while, until my daughter was about 8 and my son was 5, it worked out pretty well. Good luck!