Sunday, April 10, 2005

The END of the Weekend is Near

The AtHomeFamily has made use of the local highway system this weekend. Saturday morning we headed downtown to the Kars and Kids Car Show. Thunderstorms and bad weather were predicted, so there were not too many kars (or kids). It was still an awesome time. I'll post some pictures over at TruckinDaddy, soon.

Today, after church, we headed out to watch the local minor league, triple-A baseball team, Round Rock Express. It was hot, the Express lost and we left early. Definitely not a total loss, though. The kids got free baseball gloves for attending, and since it was a Sunday game, the team has family activities outside of the stadium before first pitch.

The Talker got to ride a horse and he got to slide on an inflatable slide lots of times. The inflatable obstacle course almost proved too tough, but he finally climbed over a big wall and finished the entire thing with only a little help from dad.

We were supposed to do "Mommy" things this weekend. After all, it is The Boss Lady's Birthday, Monday. Lucky for me, The Boss Lady enjoyed getting to do lots of family things this weekend, even if they were things that The Talker and I picked.

But we finally did "Mommy" stuff, when we went out to dinner tonight, with Uncle Lemon, My So Called Aunt and their children, Beautiful and Gorgeous. Our kids were well behaved. Theirs? They acted better than 1 year old Golden Retriever puppies. And since their puppies are really nice dogs, that is saying a lot.

The Boss Lady is going out of town Wednesday and will be gone for 36 hours. Should get exciting around here, about mid-week.

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