Saturday, April 16, 2005

Shop Time

I have only ventured out in the woodshop a few times since The Princess was born. I don't think I have started (or finished) any projects in almost a year.

The Boss Lady has to go to work in a couple of hours, so I need to hang close to the house while she gets ready. But I really wanted to get away for a while. So I hid out in the garage and started working on a new wooden truck design. What else would it be? A 1968 Chevy Longbed, Stepside, of course.

I drew up some basic plans a couple of months ago, but this morning I actually put the saw to the wood for a while. I got a rough body and rear fenders cut out.

Maybe I'll have it finished before The Princess' second birthday.

Just for grins and bragging rights, here is a picture of a Hummer (aka The Homer) that I built last year for The Talker. And here is a tractor/trailer I built a while back.


Justa Dad said...

Hey good job on the Hummer! Did you find plans to make wood toys, or were you just working off your own plans?

Mike said...

The Hummer and the truck are original designs. Some of the other stuff I make come from stolen designs.