Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Mattress Game

This evening at dinner, I asked The Talker what he wanted to do once we were finished eating. I fully expected him to answer either, "Let's watch the Buzz Lightyear show" or "Let's go play with our friends". However, I was not prepared for his actual answer, "Let's play the mattress game!"

Huh? What? He then continued, "Let's get it out and blow it up and bounce". Oh, NOW I get it. The Boss Lady was still lost and confused, though. One point for daddy.

A while back we pilfered a self-inflatable mattress from The Queen Mother. It was brand new and as far as blow-up mattresses go, a really nice one. Mom paid a lot for it. Then we stole it. But it is OK, because she has replaced it already.

The Talker likes to use this mattress as an indoor trampoline. Anytime we have overnight guests, he ends up jumping as early as possible, the next morning. So tonight, we played the mattress game for half an hour before bath and bedtime. And I don't know about the kids, but my legs are sore.

Hopefully they are worn out enough that they will need to sleep in tomorrow morning. Because I know I will.

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Anonymous said...

my kids used to absolutely love jumping up and down on their beds, even after I explained to them that it was not good for mattress or bed... even after I yelled at them a for doing it. something about that trampoline effect. Fortunately we don't get too much of that anymore.

There's a book about this that they loved when they were little: "No Jumping on the Bed," where a kid is jumping up and down on his bed, and, well let's just say he lives on the top floor of an apartment building...