Thursday, April 07, 2005

I should be folding clothes...

but I decided to post some more recent pictures instead. Enjoy.

Here is a picture of The Princess at the park, taken about two months ago.

This one was taken during our Saturday Easter Egg hunt. That's my girl. Who cares about eggs when there is a truck to play with!

The Talker got to drive a lot of tractors at the fair, three weeks ago.

Try as we might, getting both in the same picture is a real trick. This was from about a month ago.

And here, you can check them out in their Easter best.

One of these days I'll actually update the kid's webpages, but this will have to do for now.


Ken said...

Great pics. I think we're going to the local John Deere dealer this month with the "Mom's Club" I think Lumpy is going to get a real thrill out of driving the tractors. I'll post pics if we go.

Anonymous said...

great photos! I can see the Talker's gonna be a handful when he turns 16 and starts asking for the keys...