Friday, April 22, 2005

Fire Truck Park

I am constantly amazed by The Talker's ability to remember details and names. He will ask us something about a child, like "What color was Evan's shirt?"

My usual responses include, "Who?" "Dunno." Or the ever popular, "Do we know an Evan?"

"You remember the boy at the park, with the blue spiderman shirt that has firetruck shoes on his feets and his mommy told him to come back and he walked down the trail to see the ducks and his mommy got mad and he got in time out because he was in trouble and his mommy said you can't wear the blue spiderman shirt if you don't listen to me. You remember that, daddy?"

"Oh yeah, him. Wasn't that like two months ago?"

"Yeah daddy. It was blue and had spiderman on it and..."

This morning, the boy was trying his hardest to get little sister to go to The Fire Truck Park. This is the largest park in the area and it has an antique fire truck in the middle of the playscape. The Talker convinced me and The Princess that this was the best idea in the world. Ever.

We were the 3rd car in the parking lot at 9:35 this morning. Beautiful! Now the kids can actually play without getting lost in a crowd of kids on field trips from school. Or not. Five minutes after we got there, the busses started pulling up. 650 kids and 30 minutes later, we left to go play on the smaller playscape at the recreation center, on the other side of the park.

The kids had a good time at both parks. But AtHomeDaddy got one last lecture on the way to the recreation center. The boy remembered last time, six weeks ago, when he lost sight of me and thought he was lost. Forever. He wanted to make sure there would be no repeat, ever.

"Daddy, remember when we went to the recreation center and you left me and I was sad and you gave me candy and I was happy and we left and I was sad again? Can I have some candy?"

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