Friday, April 15, 2005


The Talker has been looking forward to going to his friend's house for two months. Tennis Boy lives in the neighborhood, and they met while paying at the park. His mom is a tennis pro and he is evidently pretty good. Whatever that means, when you are talking about a three and a half year old kid.

Every time we drive by, The Talker reminds me that "Someday we will have a playdate at Tennis Boy's house." Tennis Boy's mom and I set a playdate for today at 10 am. We got a late start over and by 10:15, they were walking down the street.

We went, we played, the playdate moved to our backyard, so The Princess could nap, and we played some more. Two hours and no tears. A very successful first playdate. The next playdate is already scheduled to start at our house, 9:30, next Wednesday morning.

Wanna come play at my house?

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