Sunday, April 24, 2005

Birthday Party Car Night

Busy weekend for the AtHomeFamily. We all attended a birthday party for a 4 year old friend of The Talker's this morning. The family arranged for a bouncer. But we should have paid them for letting our kids bounce. They took 3 hour naps this afternoon. And I got 3 hours of truck time!

This evening we went out to a "Cruise In Night" in the parking lot of the Home Depot near The Boss Lady's school. These guys come from all over town to show off their cars (and a few trucks). Tonight's attendees included a red Ferrarri, a 53 Ford Ranchero, a family of 5 that brought his and hers Vipers (hers had a toddler's car seat built into the center console) several old Chevy trucks (two were 1968s), lots of Corvettes, one really awesome rat-rod (that had no windows at all and vice grips for a gear shift lever), a couple of 57 Chevy's and a late 50's Ford Skyliner (a hardtop convertible- very cool!)

The Talker was pretty impressed with the cars, but somehow he still ended up playing in the sheds on display in the Home Depot parking lot. I guess when you are 3, no car is as cool as a barn with a ladder to the 2nd floor loft. Besides, when he was playing in the barn, he was NOT still throwing gravel at a row of 1960's Camaro's.

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