Thursday, April 07, 2005

Late to the Party

The Boss Lady and I have not rented a movie in a long time. Blockbuster once reported us to a credit agency for a $3 late fee. And that pretty much did it for us.

But now, our grocery store has installed an automated DVD machine. You scroll the titles, pick one and it charges your credit card $1 a day. After 14 days, they charge your card $25 and you own that movie. Great. Now if they will ad some self-checkout lines, I will finally shop in peace. And I won't have to deal with the creepy 132 year old checkout woman.

Last night, needing mindless entertainment, we rented Dodgeball. Watching Rip Torn chunk wrenches at people from his wheelchair is well worth the dollar. Maybe it was not worth the $25 keeper fee, though. I had it back at the store before 10am.

Tonight's Feature Presentation, Friday Night Lights.

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