Wednesday, April 18, 2007

often go awry...

I guess I should have finished the quote that I paraphrased for the title of my earlier post.

Here is the exploratory hole they dug, and refilled, while looking for the old cable.

And why where they having to EXPLORE for the cable? That is a good question, and one for which neither I nor the cable company have an adequate answer. But let's just say, it wasn't where they thought it was when this all started.

And the big machine that they brought to keep from digging up my yard? It was cool looking. And it looked really LOUD but I'll never know. They did not use it. Turns out they need a truckload of guys with shovels to dig a trench by hand.

So I have been promised a truckload of guys within a week to get a hole dug in my yard. And the cable lays in the grass.

But the backyard still hasn't been dug up, so I feel like my sod got a death row reprieve. Anybody want to start a betting pool on whether they actually dig up my yard next week or not?

Here is a picture of the hassle.

The red line shows basically a straight line to the other end of this cable. The blue line is where I want it buried if it must be my yard. The pink line is the best route, right down the fence, in the neighbor's yard (it is her cable by the way).

And the red X? That is where they found the line this morning. No way in hell are they digging that far into my yard.

Have I ever told you how much I love my satellite system?


Anonymous said...

Well, this is a fine kettle of fish! What a mess-- a stupid mess, from the looks and sounds of it.

TV is overrated. Maybe if we all believed that we could do in the cable companies and this would be a quaint story of the "olden times" when people watched tv!!

Anonymous said...

a mess indeed...

i also LOVE my dish!

the other day i entered our neighborhood and saw them digging up people's yards on OUR side of the street (they are building houses on the OTHER side)...and got worried that my newly grown and paid for grass was going to be found in shambles...alll to bury someone else's cable and phone.

Alas, we were saved...but it did make me think, "why don't they just run these lines to the boxes in the lots all at once, so people arn't interupted 2 years after moving into their home, when their lawns are established and their yard nicely cut??"

- Jon
- Daddy Detective

Mike said...

I keep thinking maybe the cable company is doing it's own Candid Camer type thing. Trying to make a movie of me blowing my top and then they will jump out and tell me that I have been Punk'd.

Surely there is a punchline coming soon, right?

Sally said...

So, what would happen if you refused to let them dig up your yard? It's your property, right??

I'm a ignore me if you want! =)

Mike said...

There is a city easement there, so eventually I guess they will do it, with or without my input.

But it sure would be fun to just lock the damn gate and make them work a little harder to get the job finished.

Terry said...

$10 says they don't show up to dig the hole next week..$20 says it will be May!!

Ginger said...

You know our internet, phone & cable is all on one line. Last fall before the first Auburn football game the Power Company was kind enough to cut that line while digging a ditch between ours and our neighbors yard. Wasn't their fault, they said. Afterall, they managed to keep the power line intact.

Love Bears All Things said...

Looks like you got a free flower plot out of the deal.

Mike said...

That was the worst part, they just dug right in the middle of one of my flower beds. Of course it is hard not to hit a flowerbed if you dig in my front yard, but still...

And for the record, they are running the line in the neighbor's yard. Go PINK!