Saturday, July 07, 2007

Deja Vu

I think I have done all of this stuff before...

I have spent most of the day searching for a new gas powered weed-eater and dealing with the plumber. Big fun around here.

Turns out the plumber who came out a couple of weeks ago did not quiet finish the job. When a different guy arrived today he immediately started talking about cutting into walls and replacing all of the shower/bathtub plumbing. Oh yeah!

He was able to stop the leak without ripping into the walls, but he strongly suggests that we do some more extensive replacement of fixtures soon. To the tune of another $700 . If they had simply done that replacement back when this started, we would not have shelled out the $370 the first time around. At least they did not charge us for the re-repair this morning. Oh joy!

Added to that, the weed-eater I bought right before I broke the shower is a total hunk of junk. Sears did not want to take it back, but they finally gave me a full refund. I guess they were tired of watching me cry...

Anyways, I am now back in the market for a weed-eater. But hopefully I am out of the market for a plumber for a while.

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