Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Here's to the Dads

The kids and I ventured out to the Austin Children's Museum yesterday morning. Actually, we drove down there on Monday morning only to remember that they were closed to kids over 3 years old until after noon. So we went to Chick-Fil-A at the mall. But, I digress.

So Tuesday morning must have been the Mom's group meet-up day at the kid's museum. There were little pockets of moms gathered up in every corner and it seemed that not a single one of them was watching a child. At one point I counted 15 moms standing and chatting in a small area that the kids have to pass through to get from one exhibit to the next.

I hope the moms had fun visiting with their friends, because I KNOW their demon kids had fun wrecking the museum and shoving all the other kids away from the fun. The huge field trip group that was there from one of the local day care was much better supervised and well behaved than most of these guys that were left to play while mom yakked away the morning.

I have to say, there were only a couple of dads there yesterday, like most mornings at the museum. And each of us, yes I include myself in this, had kids that were well behaved and having fun without destroying the museum exhibits. Yeah for the Dads!

True confession time: there were four or five kids who were much worse than all the rest. Their escorts? Two Grandpas who made the mom's groups look highly attentive to the path of destruction their kids left behind.

Usually I dread going to the Children's museum on days that I know schools and day cares will be taking field trips. From now on I think I'll be more concerned with the number of moms and grandpas in the place.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah to you and all the other dads. No path of destruction is good. Sounds like you've got everyone's number at the museum. Very interesting post.