Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Who spilled the beans?

OK, so someone sold me out. I am betting it was one of our neighbors. The Boss Lady had been back at work for 75 minutes when the kids woke up.

She is home for a couple of weeks and everyone goes narcoleptic around here. Kids snoozing until 9 AM every morning and 3 hour naps each afternoon. But the first day back to the usual and kids are running around like banshees at 7:30.

Game on. I guess it was a good, if not too short, summer break. But I am not wild about this plan to get back in the groove so quickly.

I am really glad now that I slept until 11 yesterday morning. That's right, on a weekday. And THAT is what I call a summer break.


Ginger said...

Oh how I am going to miss sleeping late when the kids go back to school in 2 weeks. Although, they are early risers they can play quietly now.

Terry said...

I sleep in as late as possible on my 3 days off each week... As late as 8am.... I have no obligations on these mornings, Oh how I wish I could sleep until 11AM :(