Friday, July 27, 2007

Off to see The Simpsons

I am an absolute Simpsons freak. I seldom miss an episode, even the 10pm daily re-runs. And I have every DVD set they have released.

The first time I dropped $15 on a T-shirt was for a shirt with a Simpson's family portrait. When the show first came out I was dating a girl who lived in an hour away and Sundays were the only day we could see each other. But I would always cut our dates short to get home in time to see The Simpsons. She never did seem to share my love for The Simpsons.

Today my wait is over. We are going to see The Simpsons Movie in about an hour.

Actually the kids are going to see Ratatouille with their cousin while The Boss Lady and I go see The Simpsons Movie. What a deal, a date at 9:10 in the morning! A big bonus, we also have tix to see The Simpsons Movie again tonight at like 5pm across town. It was all a part of my birthday present extravaganza from the wife and kids.

So see you suckers later. I've got a couple of dates with my wife.


Ginger said...

Twice in one day, yes I'd say that qualifies as a little crazy about the Simpsons!

Terry said...


I too catch every episode when I can. You can never get tired of them....

However,I am noooooo freak!!