Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Wii were having fun on the 4th!

Back before Father's Day, My Best Investments had a post up about his wife's experience with their new Wii game system. Tonight The Talker and I got our grubby mitts on the cousin's Wii. We played Wii Sports like the amazing athletes we are.

But the best line of the night came out of The Talker's mouth while I was trading a pummeling with the wife in a vicious 3 round bout of Wii Boxing. One of those things that you just wouldn't think sounds funny until you hear it come out of a 5 year old's mouth. Especially when he yells it in a voice of pure joy and excitement.

"Yeah Daddy! Beat up mommy some more!"

After hearing that, I let my guard down. After all, what kind of role model am I? Wailing on a boy's mommy...

Then she sucker punched me. And I went down for the count.

Before the first round was even over.