Monday, July 23, 2007

Gentlemen, start yer wagons!

Back in March I dropped my favorite hobby, drinking Dr Pepper. It took a while to get completely off the sauce, but I made it a couple of months. The Boss Lady was home for the summer and we started buying sodas again. Now that she is back at work, I'll be better about that.

But on our last trip to Pop's place I remembered a nice little thing about the Texas Gulf coast. They sell Dr Pepper made with Imperial Pure Cane Sugar in 20 ounce bottles, all over the place. Of course, they get tourist prices, but even at $1.30 a bottle, I can't resist.

For Dr Pepper fans this is The Good Stuff. The Nectar of the Gods. The Holy Grail of Soda Pop. And I am sitting here sipping my last one, right now.

So here is the deal. Like a problem gambler who decided to only bet on the WNBA, I am declaring my self off of the sauce again. Except for trips to the coast. And since I am almost out of the good stuff, the kids and I might be driving back down there on Tuesday. KB, you want me to getchasome?


Will said...

Off the sauce? Well my friend, allow me to tempt you further. You can order the real stuff online at:

That's what I do. I tried giving up the sauce, but it's just not worth it. So I just counter it by drinking more water.

AtHomeDaddy said...

Now THAT is the real way to do it.
But we only live an hour and a half from Dublin, so I never have been willing to pay the shipping charges.

Good stuff, though!

Anonymous said...

I like your logic: off the sauce, unless it's the good stuff. Very sound reasoning. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

The stuggles of Dr. Pepper addiction . . . you crack me up, Mike!

Terry said...

Holy Crap, you mean I have been drinking a lesser quality version? i had no idea.... i. must.order.NOW!

Anonymous said...

Count me in anytime...It's Dublin and it's the best!!!! I too have laid off the sauce, but I will have the nectar of the Gods anytime!!! I hear even the cows have better milk in Dublin too!

Anonymous said...

I live in Victoria Tx and work at Dr Pepper. From my understanding we our area is the only area you can find this. (in 20oz.) It is the same formula that is in the little glass bottles. We are about to introduce it in a 6pk. .5 liter bottle. It is some great stuff and we sell tons of it. We are #1 in quality control in the nation so i know i am drinking a grade A product.

Mike said...


You guys ROCK! Believe me, I'll be driving down to grab a few dozen sixers

Anonymous said...

Once we produce the 6pk 5. liter in PCS DP We plan on changing the label to a reteo labal in light green with the 10 2 & 4 label. It will be followed by the new label in 20oz. So if you are down and cannot find the maroon label look for the light green retro label. It will be out end of Feb 1st on March.