Thursday, July 26, 2007

I declare this Junkin' Season officially opened.

This is Junk Week in the neighborhood. The once every six months chance we have to toss things that are too big to fit into our 60 gallon city-issued trash cans. Need to brush up on your Junkin' history? Follow the links over at this post.

Last weekend I set our our old clothes dryer. I knew it would be out on the curb for several days, since the real Junkin' weekend was still a full week away. But I really wanted that dryer out of my garage. It was a pleasant surprise when it disappeared in less than half an hour.

As of Wednesday, piles started forming at neighbor's curbs. And now we have drug home our first Junkin' catch of the season. Which means it is time to gas up the truck and hitch up the trailer. Junkin' Season is here!

By the way, The Talker is the winner of our first trophy. 3 skateboard ramps and a tabletop connector.

They guys up the hill set out one of these.
And a set like the one below.

I guess it is time to buy the boy a set of skateboard pads...


Anonymous said...

I'm so amazed by and somewhat envious of this neighborhood of yours. Ours would never, ever allow this sort of activity. Garage sales are frowned upon here-- and junk days? No way.

Terry said...

Way To Go, Talker!! Excellent score!!

Mike said...

Technically, the city does not allow scavenging of the junk piles. They say it just adds to illegal dumping later in the year.

I figure it is that much less crap they have to haul off, which = less truck space taken up and in turn, fewer trucks needing to make the haul-off runs through the 'hood.

So I have no problem breaking the law on this one...

Love Bears All Things said...

Our city picks up "junk" you describe every week on regular garbage day, (they don't pick up recyclebles, though they have a center for self-delivery)go figure. My elderly neighbor cruises the neighborhood picking up "junk". He has a yard sale about 4 times a year and sales the stuff.
Mama Bear