Tuesday, July 31, 2007

That's my girls

I borrowed a neighbor kid this morning. He keeps things interesting for my two and since they are all playing happily, I can get some stuff done around the house.

The kids were playing in the front yard while I was working on laundry in the garage. I was focused on the task at hand, because my daughter will NOT nap or sleep or rest or even get drowsy without her star blanket and her animal blanket. Whatever it takes. I'll keep washing these things until she is in college if she will just sleep at night...

The Princess saw me switching her sheets and blankets from the washer to the dryer. She crawled into the garage and told me "Oh Daddy, you're the greatest!" She hugged my leg and then went back to her role as Princess Leia's puppy. Which explains the crawling, I guess.

I am still confused as to which of the boys was pretending to be Princess Leia out in the front yard, and why he/she needed a puppy, but whatever gets 'em tired enough for nap, right?


Anonymous said...

Well, she might not nap, but at least you can please her by washing her blankets!!

Love Bears All Things said...

A belated Happy Birthday, Mike.
Mama Bear

Terry said...

I love puppies!! and I have a washer/dryer... Just send her my way if you ever get tired of her.