Monday, July 09, 2007

Tomy Big Big Big Loader redux

If you are looking for instructions for a Tomy Big Big Big Loader, follow this link to a pdf file.
Thanks, Tim for setting up the site.

If you need replacement marbles, email me. I'll send you an order form that I got from Tomy. They still sell the marbles as part of a Thomas the train set

The most common reason people seek out this blog has turned out to be one of The Talker's toys. A Google search for Tomy Big Big Big Loader lands one of my old posts right in the top ten results. And the purpose of this post is to help it stay there...

No one sees to have the original instructions for the set, including us, but a while back I ended up with a copy of most of the instructions in a pdf file. I have emailed that file to at least 20 people since then. Hopefully it has been helpful. They toy is kind of a pain to put together...

Anyways, do any of you guys know if/how/where I could just post a link to the pdf file if I had it hosted somewhere out in net-land? I would love to just keep a link to the file on the sidebar of this blog, but I am lost on getting it done. Unless Rick wants to host it on his server?


Anonymous said...

Isn't it possible to just type the link address as part of your blog? Even if it doesn't act like a hyperlink, we could just copy and paste it into the address bar to access it.

Mike said...

Short answer, I dunno.

Long answer, walk me through it via email and it might work.

Tammy Chenault said...

Here is how I link to files:

Google > My Account (at top) > Page Creator > Uploaded stuff (on the right) > upload the file, then right click to copy the link location. Create a hyperlink in your blog entry and paste the link.

Could you email me the file? We just bought one of these at a garage sale. We've got it figured out, but it definitely wouldn't hurt to have something concrete to refer to down the road. tmorrill at gmail dot com.

Kelley Mitchell said...

Thanks! Every time one of the kids want to play with the Big Big Big Loader, I have to find your blog post.