Tuesday, July 31, 2007

T minus 6 months and counting
until Junkin' Season opens

The trucks came a few minutes ago to pick up our pile. So Junkin' Season is over.

Our puny little pile.

They use the claw and then drop everything into
the back of a waiting semi trailer.
It is a good show!

A successful season for all. The Talker got new ramps, I got a tool box, The Boss Lady got me off my ass and I covered the hole in our attic ceiling with stuff I found.

The Princess got a drain cover for her plastic swimming pool to replace one I misplaced a while back. Now we can quit using duct tape every time she wants to swim. The things a princess has to put up with around here... Geesh!

Best of all, we unloaded a ton of crap. Most of it was already scavenged before the trucks arrived. 2 TVs, both that had been picked up on earlier Junkin' trips, a clothes dryer, a wheelbarrow, several broken patio umbrellas, lots of scrap wood, a broken toy or two and a couple of old patio chairs. Definitely got rid of more than I picked up this year, which is not always true...

So now is like the day after Christmas. the longest possible time before another round of Junkin' begins.
And worst of all, I'll probably have another junk pile started before the fall.


Idaho Dad said...

You are so lucky. One of the things that stops me from getting rid of some big junk is that I have no way of hauling it to the dump. Our city doesn't pick up the big stuff either. I guess I could rent a truck for $100 a day, but I'm reluctant to spend money to get rid of stuff.

Ginger said...

I will be glad when the monthly truck comes by and picks up all the stuff in our neigborhood. Here, too, you just put it on the curb (tv or washer whatever) and if it has any value it's magically gone.

Terry said...

I am a bit concerned that you might not have an adequate Junkin' pile for next season, seeing as how you did not claim a ton of treasue this season!!